Drop in meetings

We have a drop in meeting every Thursday at 7.00pm and have a cup of tea together. Here is what our members say:

It's thereputic to come to the Group. Where I live I'm the only one with this kind of problem so the people there don't know what it is like. It's good to talk to people who understand.

I like the fact there is no pressure. Sometimes I feel like talking, other times I just want to relax and let my worries go, at least for a while.

You feel you've failed. You blame yourself for everything. They blame you too. Who else is there to blame? You only get help listening to other mums and dads talk about what they have been through.

We usually laugh a bit and sometime we cry a bit too. I think of it as my club.

Some of us enjoy a bit of pampering – we deserve it. I like a massage, my friend gets her eyebrows done. It makes us feel so much better.

New members are always welcome to drop in on Thursday evenings at 32 Albert Road.