About us

We are a community group. All our members have direct experience of drug and alcohol problems. Everyone’s experience is unique but there are common issues we have all had to deal with and emotions we have all gone through. We are a registered charity and that means that all our fundraising is ploughed back into our work.

My stomach used to be like a washing machine going round and round. I was so worried. Now I come to the Group it hasn't stopped going round but it doesn't spin so fast.

I used to think why him? Why does he take drugs when the other two don't? What did I do different with him? Now I see it's like that in lots of families - one takes drugs, the others don't. It can happen to us all.

I know anything I say won’t go any further. We don’t judge each other and we don’t tell each other what to do. We are just here for each other. I like the fact no-one in authority is there. I feel safe.

Our full constitution is available to view here.